The ACT!Web customer relations management application is the leading CRM product for small to medium size businesses. Here are some of the advantages of using ACT!Web through N.O.R.A.D.:

Meet your sales goals with confidence

  • Manage your sales activity with built-in forecasting tools.
  • Create a sales graph, showing your open, won, or lost sales for any timeframe you choose.
  • Track opportunities through the sales cycle with the graphical sales pipeline report
  • Or, choose from any of the 5 pre-formatted sales reports to summarize your sales information
  • Electronically print to HTML or Adobe pdf format for easy distribution.

Stay on top of your schedule with ease

  • View and use daily, weekly and monthly calendars for individuals, selected users, or the entire workgroup.
  • Set alarms to be reminded of important events.
  • Share calendars within your workgroup for easy lookup of free and busy times.
  • Filter what items are shown to others using private and public activity types.
  • Schedule recurring events for daily activities, weekly meetings, and other repetitive events in one easy step.
  • Avoid scheduling conflict with automatic calendar notifications.

Manage and prioritize upcoming tasks

  • Get a bird's eye view of everything on your team's plate in one place!
  • Assign priorities to tasks using the comprehensive Task List
  • View by importance for quick organization of top priorities.
  • Filter calls, meetings, and to-do items by date range so everyone's on track with upcoming commitments.
  • Also filter the Task List by individuals or selected users.

Summarize customer and sales information

  • The built-in report generator makes it easy to summarize and analyze sales data, activity reports, relationship histories, and more.
  • Choose from 16 pre-defined reports all listed in the left navigation bar for easy access.
  • Print to HTML or pdf files for easy distribution.
  • Reports include:
  • Contact Report, Contact Directory, Phone List, Task List, Notes and History, History Summary, History Classic, Activity Time/Spent, Contact Status, Leads by Referral, Sales List, Sales by Record Manager, Sales by Contact, Sales Graph, and Sales Pipeline.

Create personalized correspondence without typing

  • Create personalized letters with a few clicks.
  • Contact information from the selected record automatically appears in the letter template.
  • Customize letter templates to meet your specific needs.
  • Store all correspondence with each contact to keep an accurate record of what was sent to whom.

Safely share information with your workgroup

  • All users are required to enter a valid user name and password in order to access customer information.
  • Access rights and security levels are specific to each user.
  • Choose which fields each user can view with field-level security.
  • Access can be restricted to allow Add, Delete and/or Update privileges.
  • Selectively allow or restrict user access by date and time.
  • Assign a Contact and Group layout specific to each user.
  • Allow users to access only a particular Group or Groups of records with Group level restrictions.
  • Calendars include private and public activity types to filter what is displayed to others.

Sell more, serve customers better, and be more productive using ACT! on the Web

  • Track up to 255 fields of customer information for instant access to complete details on every relationship.
  • Store additional customer information in 8 easy to view tabs, including:
  • date- and time-stamped notes
  • a comprehensive history log of completed activities
  • a list of upcoming calls, meeting and to-do items
  • sales opportunities
  • group memberships
  • user-defined fields
  • alternate phone numbers
  • alternate contact information
  • and record creation date, last edited date and other record statistics
  • Manage sales information using the built-in opportunity tracking and forecasting tools and quickly create a sales pipeline graph, showing your open, won, or lost sales for any timeframe you choose.
  • Share calendars within your workgroup and view daily, weekly and monthly calendars for individuals, selected users, or the entire workgroup. You can also schedule activities to appear on other users' calendars.
  • View and filter the Task List for individuals, selected users, or the entire workgroup to get a summary of calls, meetings and to-do items by priority level.
  • View and run 16 reports, including 5 sales reports, to get an instant summary of your ACT! information.
  • Create personalized letters using the built-in word processor complete with customizable letter templates to track correspondence for each contact.

Get real-time access to complete customer details

  • Users simply logon to your company web server with a valid ID and password to access ACT! information. Security rights are assigned on a per-user basis by your designated ACT! Administrator.
  • Click on a field label hyperlink to perform a Lookup on that field.
  • Get access to all recently accessed records using the new Recent Lookups feature.
  • Complex queries are supported using simple drop-down menus to find empty fields, not empty fields, entries that start with or contain certain characters, combinations of entries in multiple fields and much more.
  • Contacts can be viewed individually or in a contact list. New columns can be added to the Contact List and most columns can be sorted by clicking on the column header.
  • Get more detail on any record in a list by double-clicking on any field.
  • Easily schedule an activity once or set recurrence patterns.
  • Easily clear activities and schedule follow up activities.
  • Share and open attachments remotely so everyone with access to a specified record can see what has occurred with that contact.

No additional training is needed because it looks and works like ACT!

  • The easy-to-use ACT! interface is used where appropriate in ACT! for Web to provide a seamless transition from Windows to Web and vice versa.
  • Left navigation toolbar is similar to ACT! and lets the user switch views by clicking on Contacts, Contact list, Groups, Task List, Daily Calendar, Weekly Calendar, or Monthly Calendar.
  • Right-click menus are available in most area and are consistent with ACT! for Windows where possible.
  • You can see and create Groups, Subgroups, Notes/History, Activities and so on as your security level permits.
  • Users can set their own preferences, just like in ACT! for Windows, with regard to filter loading, hiding cleared activities, auto-loading contact selection, scheduling activities, alarm settings, inactivity logout and more.

No database synchronization is needed because all users have real-time access to the database

  • No longer will you or your administrator need to configure remote database synchronization.
  • All users, both local and remote, can access the ACT! database in real-time so all changes are made to the master database respecting each users' security rights.
  • ACT! for Windows and ACT! for Web users in your organization can easily stay in sync whether in the office or on the go.
  • You can now easily eliminate problems with missing synchronization packets and error messages associated with being in the wrong database when the packets area applied.

No software is deployed to remote users because they access data through their browser

  • No remote ACT! software is required to be installed on individual machines.
  • Users simply launch their standard Internet Explorer browser, version 5.1 or above. Please note ACT! for Web does not work with the Netscape browser.
  • Without any other software, users login to the ACT! database on your company's web server to get access to customer data based on their assigned security rights.

Advanced security options let you configure what's right for each user

  • Assign access right and security levels for each user.
  • Field-level security allows you to choose which fields are viewed by each user.
  • Access can be restricted to allowing Add, Delete and/or Update privileges.
  • Choose the dates and times each user can access the database.
  • Assign a Contact and Group layout specific to each user.
  • Group level restrictions allow users to access only a particular Group or Groups of records.
  • All users are required to enter a valid ACT! user name and password in order to access data.
  • Calendar includes private and public activity types to filter what is displayed to others.
  • The user session automatically times out after 20 minutes of inactivity. The administrator can customize the session timeout length for any user.
  • Integrated Windows Authentication provides an option to further secure ACT! for Web.

You can easily customize the database without HTML or web programming

  • Customizations are quick and easy using simple screens that allow you to add fields, change the look of database screens, add your company logo or other graphics, change background colors, change fonts and many other settings.
  • All fields customized in ACT! for Windows can automatically be viewed in ACT! for Web, or you can choose which fields are displayed on a per-user basis.
  • Add up to 255 fields to track the information you need.
  • Change, move or delete any existing fields.
  • Add new tabs or change tab labels to track additional information about each contact.
  • Customize letter templates with your specific merge fields for easy letter creation.
  • Add your own links to the Internet Links menu - perfect for giving users fast access to frequently used web pages.
  • Screens are refreshed as you make edits so you can view changes as you go, and easily undo any unwanted changes.

N.O.R.A.D totally supports the infrastructure to run ACT!Web. You just provide Web acces for you employees:

Pricing: Contact N.O.R.A.D. for further information.

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