N.O.R.A.D.'s SecureTrek Online Backup Service: The Service Up Close

The Software
The critical component of N.O.R.A.D.'s Online Backup Service is our powerful client / user software. Simply downloading and installing the software enables your computers to easily backup and restore data securely across the Internet to our secure data warehouse servers. A "Getting Started Wizard" walks you through the simple process of configuring an automatic backup of your data. Begin securing your data within minutes! It is that easy!


  • Easy to use Microsoft Explorer-like interface
  • Getting Started Wizard to help first-time users
  • Silent mode runs backups invisibly in the background
  • Available in English, German and Dutch
  • FastBIT binary incremental backups for improved performance
  • Customizable backup sets
  • Automatic Online Upgrades
  • Supports Dial-Up Networking
  • Comprehensive backup scheduling options
  • File Selection Filters
  • Encryption and compression
  • Right-mouse click and drag-and-drop support
  • System Tray icon for easy access to important features
  • Event Manager
  • E-mail Notification
  • Customizable Toolbars

The user software has a familiar interface which makes it easy to use for all skill levels. The Event Manager will alert you in the event of a problem or missed backup, so "no news is good news!" If there is trouble, it only takes one click of the mouse to get back on the right track.

The Service
N.O.R.A.D.'s Online Backup service provides a totally invisible mode of operation that silently backs up data at scheduled intervals without interrupting your daily work...keeping assets protected and your time productive. Combined with FastBIT incremental change backup technology (which reduces repeat file backup sizes up to 95%), bandwidth and resources used are kept to a minimum. Every customers' data is stored securely encrypted on the N.O.R.A.D. server with super secure 448-bit blowfish encryption. All of our storage is locked behind a steel cage and under video surveillance at all times. Access to the N.O.R.A.D. data center is protected by digital card-keys and palm print biometric scanners.

The Team
N.O.R.A.D.'s Online Center is powered by several of the latest, high performance computers connected to a massively expandable fault-tolerant storage array that can easily handle the needs of thousands of customers. Our servers are connected to multiple high speed Internet connections that provide plenty of bandwidth to allow each user to backup their data at full speed. All of our servers are backed up daily to a sophisticated tape library which uses a robotic arm to automatically feed tapes to the multiple onboard tape backup drives. Around the clock monitoring ensures that our services are available to all customers around the globe. In the event of power failure, huge batteries and a diesel generator can keep our entire service running without skipping a beat.

Protect yourself in only minutes!
Our clients can protect themselves, their business, their livelihood, by simply making sure their critical data is backed-up on a regular schedule so that they are never left in a crisis situation. It only takes a few minutes and, in about the same amount of time as it takes to check email, our clients are able to back up their files using the N.O.R.A.D. Online Backup Service. In just a few minutes, YOU can backup your data and files and be safe and secure.

Simply click here to start protecting your data today!

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