The SiteShuttle website building software allows you to build a website and have it live on the Web in under 5 minutes. Once it is completed, you will have an easy to use browser-based administration tool to manage the site. It has various other tools built in such as a graphical (WYSIWYG) editor that mimics the functionality of MSFrontpage, making it simple for you to manipulate their text and graphics all from your World Wide Web browser.

The new form builder allows you to create a feed back or questionnaire form for any website built on SiteShuttle. It is a simple 3 step process, and includes: form validation, all form input types, email feedback to owner of the website.

SiteShuttle will also allow you easily build a complete eCommerce site, complete with a catalog to display your products or services and a shopping cart to make it quick and easy for your customers to do business on your site.

The end user help section gives a run down of all the options and aspects of the SiteShuttle product. There is a link to this "Help Center" from the admin tool of every website that gets built on the bulder.

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