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SureTrek is a comprehensive solution for businesses that need to track, route, measure, and manage email communications with external or internal customers. Most commonly, SureTrek is used to track inbound customer email to,, and addresses.

Who Needs SureTrek? Almost everyone!

  • Corporations and Large Organizations
    Big business means big volumes of email, both from external customers and internal customers. An email tracking solution like SureTrek is vital for proper email handling and management. If you're part of the IT department of such a business, you already know what we're talking about.
  • Small- and Mid-Sized Businesses
    Even the smallest of businesses will benefit by using SureTrek Server, since a nice side-effect of using SureTrek is that it makes you look bigger. Customers will notice the detailed autoresponses, the tracking numbers, the Satisfaction Scoring System™, the web-based Help Desk and Knowledge Base, and conclude that your business takes customer communication seriously. SureTrek is a completely brandable system that will track up to 10 email addresses, and let you add an unlimited number of Agent seats as you grow.

Of course, at the low starting price of $29.99 per month, it also makes an ideal evaluation tool for larger businesses who want to try SureTrek Server without any risk, internal resource time, and limited expense.

SureTrek starting at just 2 Agent seats. You can expand the number of mailboxes and the number of seats with SureTrek by simply increasing your subscription to the appropriate levels. SureTrek is brandable with your own company name, color scheme, message content, web content, and logo.

SureTrek Features...

  • Email messages from your customers are routed to just one of your logged-in Agents in rotation or by priority level. Unlike standard email, you will always know who got the message, when they answered it, and what they said.
  • Unique tracking numbers are stamped in the subject to identify Issues and their messages. Tracking numbers may optionally be assigned by the customer or telephone reps from the web. All messages are archived in a back-end database. When customers reply to a message with a tracking number, their messages are routed back to the assigned Agent (unless that Agent has logged out, in which case the Issue is automatically re-assigned).
  • Agents reply to Issues with their regular, familiar email software (all RFC-compliant clients are supported). There is no special training required, no new interface to learn. Logging in and out, handing-off, escalating, and all other commands are simply emailed.
  • Your Agents' personal email addresses are kept private; for example, customers see the message come back from, and cannot contact the Agent directly, ensuring continued Issue tracking.
  • Every message back to the customer has an optional Satisfaction Scoring System™ banner with a coded hyperlink that allows the customer to provide secure feedback on the Agent's performance. Agents cannot score themselves.
  • Build your own web-based Knowledge Base and FAQs List directly from existing email messages, and use the new articles to more efficiently answer new inquiries. You can even specify certain articles as "internal" only, for viewing by authenticated Agents only.
  • You get rich, graphical reports showing Agents by Satisfaction Score, Agents by Average Response Time, Agents by Issues Handled, Agents by Hours, Issue Counts by Mailbox and by Client, Historical Trends, and much more 

SureTrek Specifications...

  • SureTrek is a fully managed, turnkey service hosted and operated by our team.
  • The base package for SureTrek includes 2 Agent seats, 1 Mailbox, and can be used with 1 client (your corporate identity). Pricing starts at just $29.99 per month.
  • Additional Agents and Mailboxes may be configured for an additional charge. Each additional Agent or Mailbox is $9.99 per month. The individual Agents may be assigned to the Mailboxes in any combination.
  • SureTrek can handle an unlimited amount of inbound email for your organization, from an unlimited number of customers.
  • The Web Interface may be customized with respect to colors and font families, and your SureTrek support web interface can be co-branded with your company logo, or even embedded onto your companies web site directly using our Fuselet integration tags.

SureTrek System Requirements...

  • Because SureTrek Express is a hosted service, you ONLY have to have a web browser and working e-mail addresses to use the system.
  • Agents use any RFC-compliant email client for handling Issues. The web interface is compatible with Internet Explorer and Netscape v4 and higher browsers.


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