VeriSign Digital ID (SSL)

Secure and E-Commerce Enable Your Web Site

Savvy e-shoppers demand assurance that the sites they visit are completely safe and that their payments will be properly processed before they can confidently transmit sensitive information or purchase online—making security a top priority for every competitive Web business.VeriSign Site Trust solutions give you everything you need to offer users of your Internet services the most trustworthy Web experience possible. At the heart of our solutions are digital certificates, or SSL Server IDs. Installed on your Web server, SSL Server IDs allow visitors to submit information online with the assurance that they are really doing business with you (not an impostor’s “spoof ” site) and that the information they send you—such as credit card numbers, online forms, and financial data—is protected from interception or alteration over the Web.

Secure Site Services are best for intranets, extranets, and Web sites that require the leading SSL certificates and Web site services.

Secure Site includes a 40-bit SSL (Secure Server) ID, plus additional value-added services.

Secure Site Pro includes a 128-bit SSL (Global Server) ID and value–added services.

Peace of Mind —Secure Site and Commerce Site services include up to $250,000 of NetSure ® warranty protection against economic loss due to theft, impersonation, corruption, or loss of use of an ID.

Pricing 40-Bit Domestic Price 128-Bit International Price



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