Virus and Spam Control

N.O.R.A.D. SecureTrek Virus Protection

A standard part of N.O.R.A.D. services is virus protection of incoming and outgoing email. SecureTrek tm Virus Protection scans all mail that passes through N.O.R.A.D. SMTP servers. As long as your users connect to the N.O.R.A.D. server to send their email, SecureTrek will scan both the incoming and outgoing mail.

SecureTrek Virus will quarantine viruses, or delete them. It will not clean them. In the past, cleaning viruses was a way to allow the recipient to still get his/her mail delivered, even if the email had a virus. However, the risks of cleaning the virus now outweigh the benefits. In some cases the virus will get through even though the virus was “cleaned.”

It’s not worth the risk. For example, the most common viruses (such as Klez and Sircam) will send out random documents from people's hard drives. In some cases, this can be devastating if confidential documents, passwords, and so forth are sent out by a virus. So you can understand that although SecureTrek tm Virus won't clean email, that's a good thing.

SecureTrek tm Virus scans all email, because all email goes through one N.O.R.A.D. SMTP server. Users don't have to change anything, and can't accidentally set up their clients to bypass the scanning. And, if they use authentication, they still use the same mail server, so SecureTrek tm Virus gets a chance to scan the email and attachments.

SecureTrek tm Virus can send out email notifications to the sender of the virus, the recipient(s) and postmaster of the sender's domain as well as third parties.

N.O.R.A.D. Spam Control

A standard service of N.O.R.A.D. email is spam control using N.O.R.A.D.’s product, Spam1020(tm). All incoming email is examined at our email servers to determine if it is indeed spam before it ends up on your computer.

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