Enhanced Statistical Reporting with Webtrends Enterprise

Webtrends is now offered as an add-on package. As you may know, Webtrends is the industry standard in Enterprise website traffic reporting.

Benefits at a glance

  • Measure the overall performance of your site by tracking the number of page views, visits, and unique visitors over time, the average length of time visitors stay on your site or the number of times visitors return over time.
  • Understand exactly what content on your site is the most interesting to your visitors; track groups of content, by page, and by entry and exit page.
  • Review your visitors' step-by-step paths through your site, including the paths they take to your most critical pages.
  • Translate dynamic page parameters such as product or page ID's to their plain text descriptions.
  • Get the personalized, historical reporting you need without depending on IT.

Our Webtrends stats reporting is priced per domain and divided into 3 distinct categories:

  1. WebTrends Monthly: Your raw log data is analyzed once per month.
  2. WebTrends Weekly: Your raw log data is analyzed once per week.
  3. WebTrends Daily: Your raw log data is analyzed once per day.

All stats are accessible for the past 12 months allowing you to see historical traffic patterns to your Website and enhance your marketing strategies.

WebTrends Enterprise Suite Traffic Reports

All hosting plans are provided with comprehensive traffic reports showing a wide variety of information critical to the proper operation and planning of a business or project.

To See Example Reports, Click Here

WebTrends Enterprise Suite contains more detailed reports than any other log analyzer, including the following:

General Statistics
• Visitor Sessions Graph
• General Statistics
• Sever Cluster Load Balance

Resources Accessed
• Most Requested Content Groups
• Most Requested Pages
• Least Requested Pages
• Top Entry Pages
• Least Requested Entry Pages
• Top Entry Requests
• Least Requested Entry Requests
• Top Exit Pages
• Single Access Pages
• Most Accessed Directories
• Paths through Site
• Destination Paths through Site
• Most Download Files
• Downloaded File Types
• Most Uploaded Files
• Dynamic Pages and Forms
• URL Parameter Analysis
• 2D URL Parameter Analysis

• Top Advertising
• Advertising Views
• Advertising Clicks

Visitors and Demographics
• Visitors by Number of Visits
• New vs. Returning Visitors
• Authenticated Visitors
• Top Visitors
• Top Geographic Regions
• Most Active Countries
• North American States and Provinces
• Most Active Cities
• Most Active Organizations
• Organization Breakdown

Activity Statistics
• Summary of Activity for Report Period
• Summary of Activity by Time Increment
• Activity Level by Day of Week
• Activity Level by Hour
• Bandwidth
• Activity Level by Length of Visit
• Number of Views per Visitor
• Visitor Session Statistics

Technical Statistics
• Web Server/Technical Information
• Server Cluster Load Balance (Server
Cluster Add-On)

• Forms Submitted by Users
• Browser/Client Errors
• Page Not Found (404) Errors
• Server Errors

Referrers and Keywords
• Referring Sites
• Referring URLs
• Search Engines
• Search Phrases
• Search Phrases by Engine
• Search Keywords
• Search Keywords by Engine
• Search Keywords and Phrases by Engine

Browsers and Platforms
• All Browsers
• Netscape Browsers by Version
• Microsoft Browsers by Version
• Visiting Spiders
• Most-Used Platforms and Operating Systems


WebTrends Monthly: $25.00 per month per domain

WebTrends Weekly: $50.00 per month per domain

WebTrends Daily: $100.00 per month per domain

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