iCards bring traffic to your web site!

There are many reasons why you would want to add iCards to your web site, the most important being that you will attract new and diversified visitors. Each day there are tens of thousands of iCards being sent around the world for every type of occasion from birthdays to romantic gestures, store openings or promotions. How can this benefit you? Through viral marketing! With every card that is sent from your e-card site, your company's name will appear on the notification emails, the recipient will be visiting your site to pick up their card and in turn might send a new card to someone else. That all translates into free marketing of your company name.

We can help you implement iCards into your existing web site. Whether you simply require some consultation as to which software to use or a full out site creation, iCardPhotos.com is the perfect solution for your company.

iCards to suit your business

Add an iCard page to your web site to attract new and existing visitors. iCards bring repeat traffic! Real Estate agents can offer Moving Notice iCards, Change of Address iCards, House Warming Invites. Gift Basket Makers or Florists can offer special occasion iCards like Birthday, Anniversary, Sympathy, Miss You, Thank You, etc. We can easily build an all occasion iCard page or you can choose to specialize. We have many iCards to choose from.

Custom iCards for your Intranet

Why not have your own Intranet iCard service and save on some printing costs while you are at it! We can create custom iCards for Golf Tournaments, Retirement Parties, Trade Shows, Promotion Notice/Congratulations, Holidays, Business Appreciation, the options are endless. With our Address Book and Multiple Mailing feature it is easy to add your business contacts.

A ICard is a multimedia postcard or gift or greeting composed or assembled or chosen by senders, after which a pick-up notice is sent over the Internet to the recipients, who then can, at their convenience pick up their iCard with a browser, by using the link and/or pick-up code from their pick-up notice.

A ICardis stored on a server and held ready for the recipient to access it with a browser for a predefined time, typically 7-21 days.

A ICard is normally "multimedia", combining text, picture(s), animations and sound in a composition, however the sender has a choice whether or not to include sound and other components.

A ICard can include real and virtual gifts like prepaid phone calling cards, flowers, chocolate, coffee or other gift certificates for real items paid for by the sender and to be delivered to the recipient.

What a ICard IS NOT

Pictures, Animations, or Movies which are sent as an attachment with email, those are attachments, NOT ICards. The same goes for anything embedded in email, which just like an attachment is forced upon the recipient at a time that may possibly not be at the recipient's convenience, and which also may put undesirable loads onto the mail services.

The Norad Icards Service has many extra features and gives you much more freedom to be creative. We still take care of the invisible iCard engine under the hood and you can concentrate on the visible aspects of your postcard site. You have control, you use YOUR content and YOUR design.


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