National Paramedic Institute So. Florida Council, BSA
Stormart High Stakes Educator
Body Head Entertainment  
From Omega Health Systems, LLC

Howard and Company,

On behalf of Omega and all of our clients, I wanted to acknowledge your
companies fine job of preventing last weeks World Wide Internet Worm attack
from affecting the delivery of our service. I have always told people
that you are an absolute first class operation and your efforts last week
clearly proved it.

Governments, Banks, Airlines, Computer Security Firms, Insurance companies,
Major health care systems and hospitals, hosted on the worlds biggest ,
strongest, most secure web hosting sites, (not to mention most expensive)
failed to exercise the skill and care that your organization provided to us
and our clients.

You maintained your vigilance and took the correct precautions long before
it hit. You have proved that being vulnerable to this attack was indeed
preventable and you did prevent it from affecting our operations.


Bruce Kusens
Omega Health Systems
"Fast>>Forward Thinking"
voice 888-700-9959
fax 888-700-9959

From Digital Pursuit
Dear Howard,

I wanted to write you this letter to thank you for all of your help. In the past I have had less than favorable experiences with other hosting companies and their technical staff. After having my Dedicated Server with NORAD for over five years of uninterrupted service, I must commend you and your dedicated staff. There have been several instances, over the years, where I needed assistance with technical issues relating to my server and, without exception, you and your team have provided us with superior service.

This is a difficult and competitive industry. Your company has exceeded my expectations in its dedication and striving for perfection. Seeing your operation in person made it clear to me that your attention to the smallest detail has resulted in your business excellence. In this fast past technical environment, you have impressed me with how your organization has kept up with all the latest developments in the industry and how quickly you have adopted those technologies and practices into your structure.

Keep up the great work and thanks again.

Rene Curbelo, President
From National Paramedic Institute
Dear Howard,

I want to personally thank Walter for talking me through the set-up of my Microsoft Outlook. Not only was he professional and courteous, but he was able to answer all of my questions and get my system back up and running in no time. You are lucky to have such a great system expert on your NORAD team.

Nicole Katz
Vice President
National Paramedic Institute

From South Florida Council, Boy Scouts of America

You and your staff have been invaluable in supporting our web-site www.MeritBadgeCollege.org. This site is used to support our annual program where we have over 100 troops and 1,600 scouts attend a weekend college devoted to earning merit badges and rank advancements. All of the scouts register for classes on our web-site. We would not have the success we have if we didn't have the web-site.

Elliot S. Grossman
Dean, Merit Badge College


From the artists of www.Stormart.org
Dear Howard,

We want to thank you for hosting our site without cost. As you know, we created the multimedia art exhibit, Stormart, to help bring awareness to the AIDs crisis. Your help and generosity helped us towards that goal.

Susan Baker Weiner, M.D., Ph.D.
Rosemarie Chiarlone

From High Stakes Educator, LLC

Dear Howard,

Your company has provided our web-site, www.EduScholar.com, reliable dedicated hosting since the year 2000. We never have to be concerned whether our site is up and running, or with the security of our site. Also, you and your staff have always been there whenever we've had questions. Your personal attention to customer service is exemplary.

We look forward to continuing with N.O.R.A.D. in the future.

Gary Weiner
President & CEO

From Body Head Entertainment

Wanted to take this time to thank NORAD for all of their help with the
Bodyhead.com website. We have had a lot of changes, a lot of updates
and we are still in the process of updating our site, but you have
always been available to assist in our needs.

I would personally like to thank Walter for all of his help. I know
sometimes, I wait until the last minute with updates and changes, but
the changes are always completed promptly. I appreciate your work and
look forward to the site being fully updated and operable.

Keep up the good work.

Chauntey Johnson
General Manager

Body Head Entertainment, Inc
2335 Klinger Street
Pensacola, FL 32514
(850) 479-2918
(850) 479-2986 (fax)



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